First and foremost, we are Gamers.

Just average gamers trying to get better at FPS shooters. 

This led us to a path to "Pro" controllers. 

However, after more than one broken aftermarket "Pro" controllers and waiting months for a repair, we had enough and it was time to take matters into our own hands. 

CARBXN was born from the need to have a reliable pro controller for the PS5 and PC. There is no better than a genuine PS5 Dualsense Controller. 

So after experimenting with modding our own PS5 controller with rear paddles, we knew we were onto something. Not only did it perform great but so was the durability.

We knew there are other gamers like us wanting the same, and from there it grew.

We've helped thousands of other gamers take their gaming to next level. Let us help you too.
Since then, we have also moved onto custom pro controllers for the Xbox Series S and X too.
As durable as things are, they do not always go as planned and we understand the importance of a fast and responsive service when something is not right.
Get in touch by emailing support@carbxn.com.au or leave your thoughts at our Facebook page.