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Caleb Hardy
Top quality

Amazing products, I have started purchasing these as presents for my gamer mates after I had my own. The Hall effect sticks are a game changer! Awesome service and you know you are getting a top quality product


Incredible performance on this controller would highly recommend this for FPS and my controller version has rear buttons and they sound and feel like mouse click I highly recommend purchasing one these custom controller hopefully in future the company puts remaps option on rear buttons .

David Wright
Holy batballs!

These guys have the best custom controllers on the market! Their customer support for after sales stuff is also the best on the market! So happy with my first purchase that i had to buy another fully custom set up and have been nothing but chuffed with them both :)

Jonathan Barnett
Best controller!!!!!

I’ve tried several companies that make FPS style controllers and I can say that you guys make the best one I’ve used. Between the amazing chameleon blue color design to the way it handles and functions not to mention a lifetime warranty. Definitely worth trying CARBXN controllers out plus the ship to the USA faster than some of these USA based companies. Just overall great quality I did the custom built controller and they also have predesigns as well .

Andreian Mendez
Best purchase I’ve made recently

This controller is phenomenal. I’ve always been skeptical on the value of a good controller. I no longer am. If I ever feel the need for another controller again, I’ll definitely be coming back. Although I don’t think I’ll have to because this thing is built to last. I got the ps5 controller and it feels phenomenal. The quality is better than what I ever could have imagined, but the quality that stood out the most was the customer service. I had something I wanted to change after my order and they not only responded immediately, but refunded me for the remaining amount as well. Truly awesome people. Thank you so much guys.