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TODD Debaux
Great product

love the product and the team had one of my other controllers break and was fixed swiftly for a great price.

Bee Pritchard
CARBXN PS5 controller

I had purposely left this review until i had spent time with the controller. After having to return edge controllers twice due to the back triggers becoming unusable from playing GT7. i wanted to make sure of the triggers on this one, and guess what they work a treat so i am very happy with my purchase. The soft grip is well .... soft and grippy. The mechanical keys are excellent and remapping was easy peasy.

ryan schweitzer
Ps4 pro FPS Duo!

The mods are well put together and the grips feel great. The short throw triggers are very short, may take some time to get used too but if like short then they are great. All in all great product and great service!

Ryan P
Excellent controller, the low travel switches are great for fps/fighting games.

+++ Took me a good week to get used to strafing with the back paddles but once I did can't go back to the original. Thanks to Carbxn for the modded controller, great build quality.

Solid build quality. Great button feel.

+++++1 / It shipped in the promised timeframe, the micro switches were great, i like short travel presses like my mouse/mech keyboard on pc -- the controller did take some getting used to with the paddles but once the muscle memory kicks in can't go back to the regular one.